Electric Wire Hustle “Look In The Sky (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)”

A healthy dose of Australasian music, you say? For the uninitiated, Electric Wire Hustle are a Kiwi trio that tastefully hopscotch between hip hop, psychedelia and soul. They’re two albums deep, with their self-titled LP (2010) and last year’s Love Can Prevail already under their belts – both of which stand as CV-worthy, full-bodied dives into the land of off-kilter boom bap and Marvin Gaye-esque crooning.

With Spring 2015 on its way, EWH are preparing to drop the Love Can Prevail Remix EP. Entries come from across time zones: Osunlade, Flako, Eliphino and Computer Jay are all on the bill. Yet for us, Seven Davis Jr.‘s rejig of “Look In The Sky” came up top trumps. Maybe it’s the loosey-goosey, soulful house energy that first grabbed us. Or the vaguely Todd Edwards-tinged aftertaste it leaves in the mouth? Either way, it’s honey for both the dancefloor late shift and Sunday lounge in equal measure.

The Love Can Prevail Remix EP is set to arrive in May to coincide with their 9 date European tour that starts later this month. It includes stop-offs in Stockholm, Warsaw (RBMA event), Munich, Berlin and a night at Oslo in London (April 18).

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