Saturday Six: Week 010

We’ll go as far to say that Jamie XX is one of the most gifted souls of our time. One third of The xx, a prolific remixer and a producer whose work spans a diverse range of musical styles. Basically, one of the most enviable musical CVs around. From reworks of Grammy-nominated divas to indie gloom appreciators, the orchestral sounds of Florence + the Machine to the introspective musings of Gil Scott-Heron‘s last studio album I’m New Here — his talent of seasoning tracks with percussive, electronically-haunted melodies is second to none.

His debut album has been a very long time coming, but In Colour is finally landing on 1st June 2015 via Young Turks. Within the eleven songs old favourites like “Girl” and “Sleep Sound” rub shoulders with newbies like upcoming single “Loud Places” and album opener “Gosh” – both of which saw the light of day this week.

In celebration, we’ve connected the dots between Jamie XX and five other related sessions. You can also tune into the Boiler Room podcast from the main man here.

Koreless (Jan 20, 2011)
The Glaswegian soulful electronica don has crossed paths with Jamie XX before. Namely on a Tempo Shift mix of Koreless’ “MTI”. They also shared credits on the score for the film Continuum, which came out last year. The flick was produced by Sofia Mattioli and Rebecca Salvadori and also featured original music featuring original music from Four Tet and the Spanish experimentalist John Talabot.

Jon Rust (Jun 5, 2011)
Suitably shying away from any boring intros, Jamie XX appeared on Jon’s NTS show in late 2013. During the two hour slot, the pair swung freely between the likes of Seven Davis Jr., Loose Ends and Sagat. Jon’s 2011 set on BR wasn’t too shabby either.

Nosaj Thing (Feb 4, 2013)
Back in 2010, The xx were hot off the heels of their self-titled first LP. Jamie was beginning to flex his own muscle as a champion remixer, following up reworks of Florence & The Machine and Glasser with one for Nosaj Thing Taken from the Drift Remixed record, “Fog” was already a spooky, shuffling wanderer of a track before Jamie laid his hands on it. With a bit of mastery, he gave it the necessary extra bounce. 

Thom Yorke (Oct 13, 2011)
The most impressive thing about Jamie XX’s “Bloom Rework Pt. 3” is the fact that the final product couldn’t be recognised as a track from the original artist or remixer. Better than that? The fact that it might exceed your expectations of both artists. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox (Jul 30, 2011)
Jamie and Fantastic Mr Fox have bumped heads numerous times over the years. “Miss You” on Black Acre was a weighty collaboration and they continually pop up in each others’ setlists. The Wolves resident was on our streams during the summer of 2011 plucking cuts from Zed Bias and Hyetal out of the record bag. Lo and behold, a featured some love from Mr XX.

Jamie XX (Jun 23, 2014)
Let us not forget last year’s soiree on the roof of the Young Turks HQ. A blissfully warm night soundtracked by dips into UK Funky, grime and err’thing in between. Any doubts about the talents of this floppy haired lad can be put to rest now.

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