Icarus “Cassia”

“Cassia” is delightful introduction to the largely unheralded talent of  Icarus  – and when you’re making music this sun-kissed, the gags practically write themselves. Carefree scattering of instrumentation and a refreshingly tropical vibe are reminiscent of Axel Boman‘s balmiest moments, only propelled by a much more naked dancefloor drive. When the seesawing piano lead collides with the backing claps around the halfway mark, the result is borderline dazzling.

As a neat bonus, this one arrives via a resurged FFRR: a behemoth of a label with too many highlights in their catalogue to mention (although especial mention goes to somehow releasing both Orbital and The Watts Prophets in the same calendar year). A testament to their keen ear for fresh talent, and commitment to diversity, even after all these years.

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