Marcos Cabral “Not Alive Yet (feat. Suzi)”

And the award for ‘Most Aptly Named Debut of the Month’ goes to…DJ Qu ! Nah nah, we’re telling L.I.E.S. Of course it’s Marcos Cabral, whose sophomore LP Buried Alive Twice  works as a handy indicator, too. On what will be a remarkable #059 in the label’s catalogue – not even counting the .5s, white/blacks and dusty Xmas specials – Cabral keeps things saturated, crunchy and firmly in-the-red, but eschews any attempt at club readiness.
“Not Alive Yet” is the perfect embodiment of this spun approach: retaining the deep subs and rickety drum patterns but slowing things right down to the kind of stagger borne either of heavy narcotics or a stun grenade. You’re crawling on your belly through slime and shrapnel, with Suzi’s distant cries reaching out from some unknowable place. Embrace the murk.

Sean Keating

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