JoeFarr “Standard Issue”

Coming off one hell of a 2014 (capped by an Objekt track for the ages) Leisure System are at it again, strengthening Anglo-Germanic ties even faster than our dear leader can erode them. JoeFarr is the man stepping up, armed with a forceful four-tracker, with this cut a bodyblow of a B1. It’s chock full of lacerating scrapes, hammer blows and the kind of frenetic energy that brings to mind a beaker of poorly-mixed corrosive chemicals…or a Crash Bandicoot SFX soundboard. There’s even an unlikely divergence into prettiness around the halfway mark. “Standard Issue”? Anything but.

Mr Farr will touch down for his first Berghain bow this Friday, having made his inaugural Boiler Room appearance last month, where he let “Standard Issue” loose to the world, resplendent in a Leisure System tee no less. Isn’t it nice when things join up?

Longanimity EP sees release on April 20th.

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