Penguin Cafe “The Track Of The Dull Sun”

Certain things just keep on keeping on seemingly oblivious to era or genre, simply because they are an enduringly good idea – and Penguin Café are the perfect example. The original Penguin Café Orchestra was founded in 1972, created an amazing fusion of minimalist composition, folk, electronics and more – producing several Balearic classics along the way – and continued until founder Simon Jeffes’ death 25 years later. However, in 2009, Jeffes’s son Arthur picked up the baton, gathered a new set of musicians, and has continued the musical mission as simply Penguin Cafe. Their new EP, forthcoming on 4th May, includes a remix exchange with Japanese legend Cornelius – but it was this bittersweet piece that grabbed us, and we’re very happy to have it as our Debut today.

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