Sonzeira “Brasil Pandeiro (Max Graef Remix)”

We deconstructed Sonzeira – the don Gilles Peterson‘s epic Brazilian expedition – at length last summer, and played the accompanying Brasil Bam Bam Bass album all year long. It still has yet to get old; and now, there’s even more material, with a fresh remix LP! Longstanding BR faves like FaltyDL, Kyodai and Mark E all muck in, alongside wonderful turns by everyone from Nicola Conte to Jose Marquez.

Arguably pick of the litter is the closing rework of “Brasil Pandeiro”, with the loveable Mr Graef giving it a loving lick of paint. Soft in the pads, crunch in the clap, chunk in the kick – it’s Max all over. It’s also basically unrecognisable from the original, beyond retaining the chirpiness and colour. But that’s what remix albums are for, eh?

Brasil Bam Bam Bass… is out via Brownswood on Monday 13th.

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