Typesun “Water Song”

The Bristol pot of talent is a plentiful one. Well known for having more musicians per square metre than anywhere in the British Isles, we’ve paid homage to the south-western region on many occasions. May we remind you about serving Eats Everything in a Bristolian chippie not too long ago. Local boy, Typesun, has been running the club night FallingUp for a good while now. When not doing that or linking up with Guido, he can be found melding together an eclectic buffet of soul food for listeners to tuck into. Now he presents a masterfully crafted double A-side featuring vocals from Alex Rita of Danish duo Okapii on “Water Song”. It’s effortlessly lush, hugging sharply interlocking latin percussion clusters round an insistent rolling bass line and hummed chorus.

“Icebergs/Water Song” is out via Root Elevation on 10″ vinyl (May 25) and digitally (June 1).


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