Vril “Portal 7”

Vril’s progression from the early Giegling run of numbered EPs to last year’s considerably more intense 1-2 of Torus and Vortekz made perfect sense: the faceless producer came out the other side of dubby club fare into more intense, bleak terrain. 2014’s breakout year was capped by his ferocious teardown at our Dystopian showcase; replete with rushing, quasi-Resident Evil visuals, it was a masterwork – easily one of our Best of 2014.

Incredibly, Delsin actually chose to sign on Vril for a sophomore LP on the strength of his Boiler Room set, citing the “energy of some tracks and the crowd’s reaction, which was really good.” First debuted on our screens, “Portal 7” is everything you could want in a techno track. Pistons pump, steam valves release and tectonic plates shift underfoot – in short, it’s a total ripper. Throw yourself tumbling headfirst down the Portal.

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