Jlin “So High”

We’re all clear by now, aren’t we, that Chicagoan footworking beats are a global musical fixture? With producers now deep into the style from Beijing to Santiago, and untold fresh hybrids, it can no longer be written off as a localised curio or flash in the pan. The latest name to find support from Planet Mu – a label that’s been instrumental in the global spread – is Jlin, a producer from Gary, Indiana. Her track “Erotic Heat” was a highlight of the Mu Bangs & Works Vol 2 compilation, and her coming album shows that it’s not a fluke. “So High” is just another example: as compositionally tight as anything that’s come from the footworking canon, with an emotional intensity all its own… and there’s a whole album of this stuff (including a Holly Herndon collab!) coming on the 23rd March.



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