John Barera & Will Martin “1,2,3 (Feels Right)”

John Barera & Will Martin “1,2,3 (Feels Right… by brtvofficial

There’s a wonderful lightness of being to John Barera & Will Martin‘s productions. Barera’s solo contribution to our then-nascent  Upfront series  was a delightful tour through their native Boston, but it’s when the pair get together that the magic truly occurs. It’s music tailor-made for planting a smile firmly on two hundred faces as things lift off at 1am, and we’re delighted to present the next instalment in their faultless catalogue to the world.


On releases prior they’ve plumped for more driving kicks, more arresting vocals, more forthright piano stabs – compared to the likes of “Say It Now” or “It’s Alright”, “1,2,3 (Feels Right)” is a touch more subdued. It’s all relative though, as the track is no less emphatic and certainly no less effective; there’s a twinkling lead subtly spiralling throughout, reminiscent of “Ragysh“‘s eternal wind-down. The entire EP is killer, and due out on Argot no less – a label that, much like JB&WM, is quietly but diligently establishing a ‘buy-on-sight’ reputation. Cop it in a few weeks.

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