Local Artist “Place I”

It’s now something of an overused trope to say the music coming out of Vancouver, BC sounds a) like the notoriously misty harbour town & b) amazing. Both are true, though. Labels like 1080p and Mood Hut (of which Local Artist is part of the crew) have carved out a sonic niche that is unmistakably theirs: left-of-the-dial dance music that is at once spry and smoked-out; evocative and untraceable; deep and featherlight.


The entire Feelings 12” carries these traits forward; a “Place” of warmth and comfort you want to be 24/7. Given our very own Bradley Zero has been one of the most prominent figures evangelising Thy Gospel of Thee Hut, and that his Rhythm Section label is fast garnering a rep for hazy jams of the highest quality, this crossover makes a lot of sense. Local, exported global.

Cop it here.

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