XIII “Laguna”

Turin’s shadowy Gang of Ducks exist to unnerve. Flirting with occultist imagery, warping faces, an arms-length approach to press and discourse: the distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is readily apparent. The music pushed via the podcast/label/collective is similarly inscrutable, both in name and recognition – releases come from a tight-knit coterie of largely unknown artists – and sonically.

“Laguna”, the first audio let loose from XIII‘s forthcoming LP No (The Relative Effect of Explication), fits cosily into the template. The glacial tone and rough screes call to mind This Mortal Coil‘s sub-zero atmospherics, or Torn Hawk‘s more abstract outings. It serves as a perfect primer for the dark and cinematic record to follow: take the full plunge April 27th.

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