Manuel Fischer “Toolboy (Amir Alexander Acid Remix)”

The offshoot label from one of our favourite clubnights in existence comes good yet again, with the second seriously weighty Debut from their side we’ve run in as many years. TIEF007 is the handiwork of fast-rising Manuel Fischer, a self-ascribed “Toolboy”, and the do-over from Detroit’s Amir Alexander is our pick of the litter.

Mr Alexander is a man so in thrall to the might and majesty of that raw acid sound that he’s even set up a boutique imprint dedicated to just that, and like a true master he knows how to wield his weapons. The gurgling 303 doesn’t overpower, instead shimmying round the original’s distended voices and galloping groove, with a spare deployment of dry claps for good measure. There’s a lovely bounce to the thing – it can be yours via Tief Music very soon indeed.

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