Kit Grill “Information/Overnight”

Kit Grill‘s new material is, in a word, gripping. We got offered “open season” on whatever “grabs” us, and this time the words rang anything but hollow. His Europe five-tracker is arrestingly beautiful to the point of being heart-stopping at times. Now, we feared this may have something to do with first hearing it at the precise moment post-Bloc the last remaining serotonin drained out our system, lost in a SNES abyss, but it stands up to repeated spins. Which is a good thing, given the runtime is a trim 16m.

We liked it so much, we decided to splice the EP’s bookends into a single track as both carry similar hallmarks: shimmering synths; jet streams of bass; a certain regality and weightlessness. “Information” like it could have come straight off any of 0PN‘s early tapes, whereas “Overnight”‘s surges of acceleration and bombast feel, well, not too dissimilar from those aforementioned 16-bit treasures.

With only 100 copies available, popping a pre-order down before April 20th is strongly advised.

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