Sarabi “Koko’s Vibration”

Frenzied Nairobi fire for you here, courtesy of a team-up between 14-legged troupe Sarabi, and Auntie Flo collaborator/all-round good guy Esa. The track’s development is engrossing, forged in the crucible of a collective dedicated to the advancement of East African cultural interests, through live festival jams and lightning-quick studio sessions. It’s too long and detailed to tell here – you’ll have to cop the physical release for the full story splayed across the inlay.

This radio-ready version of “Koko’s Vibration”, mixed and produced by Esa and Ambrose Akula Akwabi (a the man known as the ‘East African Mr Fingers‘, fact fans), adds a subtle gloss to the rough takes floating about the web, but loses not an iota of passion. That means spirited yelps, polyrhythmic drumming, hooks flying in from all angles, and those wicked Onyeabor-esque keyboard runs. It arrives soon as part of the Highlife Series; they’ve gone from Cuba to Kenya, and soon to Uganda. Like we said: real good music made with real good intentions by real good guys.

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