Spokes “Lo Pan Strikes”

Spokes “Lo Pan Strikes” – Boiler Room Debuts by brtvofficial

Coyote keeps a-comin’. The next EP on the upstart imprint arrives via Spokes, co-founder of Loose Synths, the ever-reliable emporium of good vibes – something which “Lo Pan Strikes” ably attests to. In a word it’s ‘sinogrime’, but whereas the original foundations were (extremely loosely) built upon a more dark and dystopian glance Eastwards, here the thick grey smog has cleared. Heck, there’s not even that much grime in it.
The juxtaposition between restless percussive rattles and soft-tone flourishes is pushed to the nth degree, bucked by grand melodic swells lurching deep in the back and instrumental accoutrements that we can’t quite place. A shaker, probably; a timpani, perhaps. All told, the delicately balanced “Lo Pan Strikes” serves to conjure a more fragrant and agreeable image of the Orient. Which begs the question: have you ever seen Yamaneko and Spokes in the same room together? We thought not.


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